Basic Design (20815201) Introduces students to the elements of art (line, texture, color, shape and value). Students will investigate how these elements can be manipulated using various principles of design to achieve different effects. Basic color theory will be covered.

Color & Design (20815202) Provides involvement with practical and theoretical color problems while building knowledge of advanced design concepts. Prerequisite: 2D-Design.

3-Dimensional Design (20815203) Students explore different ways of manipulating form and space. Projects will introduce students to basic techniques such as modeling, construction and carving.

Digital Design Fundamentals (20815232) A comprehensive course to introduce the tools and functions of four essential digital design programs. Learn to create and edit vector artwork in Adobe Illustrator, create and edit photographic content in Adobe Photoshop, develop 3-D forms with SketchUp, and build a website with Adobe Dreamweaver to display a portfolio of the art works and projects created. Out of class work time and reading and some writing is required in addition to in class instruction, work time and critique participation.

Independent Projects - Studio Art (20815218) Emphasis in developing a coherent series of studio works in a self-proposed area of research. Media option include painting, drawing, mono print, assemblage, or hybrid.