Diesel Equipment Technology FAQ

Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technician and Diesel Equipment Technology?
  • Both programs have identical course work in diesel mechanics. Graduates of both programs typically start out as technicians.
  • The associate degree program (Diesel Equipment Technology) has more general studies course in the curriculum, such as Written Communications, Psychology, Physics, etc. These general courses may help prepare you for mid-management positions or complete a four year degree.  This degree also has more credits overall than the technical diploma program.
  • The technical diploma program (Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology) has fewer general studies in the curriculum, and thus fewer credits overall in the degree.
When can I start the program?
  • You may apply to start either Diesel program in either the fall or spring semester. However, we recommend a fall start.
When can I apply, and how do I apply?
  • You can apply as early as one year before you plan to start.You may apply to either Diesel program for either the fall or spring semester.  However, we recommend a fall start.
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What are the admissions requirements?
  • The only admissions requirement is that you have a high school diploma, HSED, or GED.
Does this program have a waitlist?
  • Occasionally, a waitlist forms.  The latest applicants are on the list. 
  • Last year, only one student was not able to start in the fall because of a waitlist.  While some students were initially placed on a waitlist, we were able to admit them because of other students deciding not to attend.
What is the cost of tuition?
How long is the program and what kind of diploma/degree will I receive?
  • The Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technician is a 2-year technical diploma and the Diesel Equipment Technology is a 2-year associate degree.
  • Both programs will take two years to complete if you take all the classes each semester in sequence.
What is a typical schedule?
  • Students go full-time to day classes. 
  • All classes are held at the Madison Truax campus.
Can I start working towards graduation requirements before I am accepted into the program?
Can I just take one or two Diesel classes without applying to the program?
  • Occasionally, there may be space in one of the Diesel courses for a non-program student.  If there are no pre-requisites to the course (or if you have the pre-requisite), you may be able to take the course if the instructor provides consent.
Who do I ask if I have additional questions?
  • For additional questions about admissions or about either Diesel program, call advisor Kimbrin Cornelius at (608) 243-4283 or email her at