District Board

Madison Area Technical College functions within the Wisconsin Technical College System.

The Madison College District includes most of Columbia County, Dane County, Jefferson County, Marquette County, Sauk County, and specific school districts in Adams County, Dodge County, Green County, Iowa County, Juneau County, Richland County and Rock County.

Madison Area Technical College is operated under the direction of the Madison College District Board. The board consists of nine members: two employers, two employees, three members-at-large, an elected official and a school district administrator. The role of the Madison College District Board is to function as a collective body that is the official link between the College and the community it serves, and to represent the community to the college by determining and assuring appropriate organizational performance, enacting policies on governance issues and executive limitations, monitoring college effectiveness, and assessing the President's performance. In January 2006 the Madison College District Board established End Statements for the college. "End" refers to the effect the college seeks to have on the world outside itself.

The members of the board are appointed by a board appointment committee comprised of the county board chairpersons of the counties included, all or in part, in the Madison College District. The chairperson of the most populous county serves as chairperson of the appointment committee. Representation on the board is apportioned throughout the district as set forth in section 38.108, paragraph 2 of Wisconsin statutes, 1982.

Student Representative

Collective action of the Madison College Student Senate and the Madison College District Board during the Fall of 2013 created an opportunity for a student of Madison College to serve as a student representative (liaison) to the Madison Area Technical College District Board.

The Student Representative to the District Board is elected by the student body. A non-voting student liaison to the District Board was elected by students in May 2015.  Mareya Mousa began her one-year term on July 13, 2015.  Student input, questions and comments can be emailed to Ms. Mousa.