Documentation of Disabilities

The first step to getting accommodations is to provide proof, or documentation, of a disability as defined by the law.

Criteria for All Documentation

 Any documentation, for any disability, must:

  • Be provided by a licensed professional, qualified in the appropriate specialty area; the report should be on letterhead, dated and signed.

  • Include both diagnostic information, a description of how the disability affects the student, and an explanation of the current functional limitations of the condition.

  • Be current. A suggested guideline is less than 3 years old. Documentation of conditions that are permanent or non-varying (e.g., a sensory disability) may not need to be as recent, but some chronic and/or changing conditions require information to be even more current than 3 years to provide an accurate picture of functioning.

  • Address the impact of medication or other treatments on major life activities.

Special Note About IEPs

An IEP alone is NOT enough! Depending on the type of disability, the IEP along with the most recent evaluation (based on adult norms) and the Summary of Performance may meet our documentation needs. Many disabilities will also require documentation from a medical or psychiatric doctor. Please click on the links below for specific documentation requirements.

Guidelines for Specific Disability Documentation

In addition to the above criteria, there are specific guidelines for the following disabilities:

How to Get the Documentation to Us

Once you have what you need according to the information above, you can send it to us several different ways:

1) You can drop it off at our office:

  • Truax: Student Development Center, Room D1618 (we also collect documentation for students at Commercial Ave. and our West Campus locations)

  • Downtown: Student Development Center, Room D116

  • Watertown, Fort Atkinson, Portage, Reedsburg: Please bring it to the front desk and state it is for Disability Resource Services

2) You can send it by regular mail to:

Madison Area Technical College
ATTN: Disability Resource Services
1701 Wright Street
Madison, WI 53704 

3) You can fax it to our confidential fax machine at (608) 246-6691 

4) You can scan it and email it to us at

5) Your doctor can also send it by any of the above methods