Faculty and Staff Library FAQs about Domain Name/Email Change

Email Change - Fall 2012

Domain Name Change - Fall 2012


When did my email address change?

All student, faculty, and staff email addresses changed during the week of July 30, 2012 from to email addresses may continue to work until September 30, 2014. After that date, any emails sent to an email address will be returned as undeliverable.

Where can faculty and staff get more information on the domain name and email change?

A website with additional general information for faculty and staff has been created.

What about links to library materials in Blackboard created prior to July 2012?

Any links to library materials in Blackboard courses may need to be updated by the instructor of each particular course. Neither the library nor the help desks are able to update links for instructors. The old domain change has been retired, thus creating broken links to occur for any URLs still containing

This includes links to the library catalog, to articles in library databases, to Films on Demand videos, to library research guides, and to library web pages. Most link changes involve a simple switch from to Use our updated EZproxy creator to create links to library database materials that will work correctly off-campus throughout and after the Fall 2012 semester.

If using the permalink feature available in many of our library databases and in our library catalog, check that '' in the link has been changed to '' to ensure that the link will continue to function throughout the semester. See our updated web pages on linking to library resources for more guidance on creating links to particular resources.

Be sure to check any edited links to make sure they work.

Who can I refer students to if they have questions on the domain name/email change?

If there is a link in a Blackboard course that is broken, only the instructor of the course is able to fix it. Students will be directed to their instructor for broken links in blackboard courses.

If students have other questions, you may refer them to the Student Computer Help Desk. The Student Computer Help Desk is located in the Truax campus library, Rm. A3000. Student computer lab assistants and library staff are available to help students with technology and computer related questions during library open hours. Students may also call the Student Computer Help desk at (608) 243-4444 Local Madison or (866) 277-4445 Toll Free.

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