Drawing Fundamentals (20815205) An introductory drawing class emphasizing sound craftsmanship and the study of basic freehand drawing from direct observation. Class topics include the study of perspective, proportion, composition, and properties of light and shade. Students will explore a variety of drawing media and techniques.

Drawing 2 (20815215) Explores a variety of drawing media and techniques through projects that encourage students to consider subject/content relationships. Students will develop conceptualization skills that will prepare them for working on independent projects. Prerequisite: Drawing Fundamentals.

Life Drawing (20815219) Introduces students to drawing the figure in a variety of situations. Students will use different drawing media and techniques as they explore both descriptive and expressive ways to depict the human figure. Includes study of human anatomy. Prerequisite: Drawing Fundamentals.

Advanced Life Drawing (20815220) Continuation of life drawing with emphasis placed on expression, articulation, and refinement of technique for dramatic effect. Prerequisite: life drawing.

2D Studio Independent Study (20815227)  This course allows students to continue to explore studio research in the areas of drawing or painting. An intermediate level of experience and familiarity of chosen media is assumed as students are required to produce advanced level work.