DRS Annual Events

DRS offers the following events annually:

Disability Awareness Week

This week-long event helps raise awareness of students with disabilities and disability lasws. Activities includes Q&A panels, wheelchair basketball, assistive technology presentations as well as presentations and demonstrations from areas services. Disability Awareness Week takes place at the end of October each year.

Looking Forward

Looking Forward is an evening of questions &  answers with agencies offering supportive service for individuals with disabilities. Even if you have not yet reached your last year of school, this evening is an opportunity to start planning for your future. This event is sponsored by area school districts and Madison College and is typically held at the beginning of November.

Parent Preview

Parent Preview is an evening event for parents/guardians only (no students) where they can become familiar with the college their son/daughter will be attending and the services they will be receiving. It is intended to help parents understand the differences between high school and college, and to help ease any concerns they may have about their son/daughter attending college.

Transition First

This course explores the critical issues linked to the transition to college for students with disabilities (SWD). SWD often experience significant barriers transitioning to college life and as a result, the success of students with disabilities in higher education relies upon their ability to understand the impact of their disability on learning and living independently. 

Whole New Ballgame

This event is specifically for students who are new to the college and are needing assistance from DRS (no parents/guardians). Topics covered include learning skills necessary to be successful in college, how to request accommodations, becoming familiar with services on campus and making new friends. This day-long event includes lunch, and is held in August before Fall classes start.