Q: How do I get accommodations for the COMPASS Test?

A: You will need to submit documentation to Disability Resource Services (DRS). Approximately 2 weeks after we receive your documentation, we will send you a letter. The letter will explain what accommodations you are eligible to use for the placement test (COMPASS) and how to schedule the test. You will then contact the Testing Center at (608) 243-4217.

Q: What services or accommodations are available?

A: DRS provides reasonable accommodations based on an individual's disability and how it affects them. Typical accommodations may include testing accommodations or instructional materials in an alternative format. We also provide some additional services, such as case management, ongoing supportive and retention services. 

Q: What types of services or accommodations are NOT available?

A: DRS does not provide devices, or services of a personal nature, such as personal assistants, wheelchairs, or specially certified tutors.
Modifications, substitutions, or waivers of courses or degree requirements are determined on a case-by-case basis. Such accommodations need not be made if the institution can demonstrate that the changes would substantially alter the essential elements of the course or program. 

Q: How do I get evaluated to determine if I have a disability?

A: Madison College does not perform disability assessments. For any disability the evaluation/assessment must be provided by a licensed professional, qualified in the appropriate specialty are for the type of disability that the student has. Please see our list of Assessment Resources (PDF, 49KB). The list is not comprehensive, but contains professionals who have indicated an interest in providing assessments.  

Q: I'm a current Madison College student - How do I get a copy of my disability documentation for my records?

A: Please complete the Documentation Request Form (PDF, 150KB). The form can be emailed, faxed or dropped off (DRS Box in Room D1618 at Truax ). Your documentation will be sent to the indicated address within 5 business days of your request. 

Q: How do I receive for a temporary disability? (i.e. I broke my arm...can I get a note taker?) 

A: Madison College is not obligated to provide services to students with temporary, non-chronic impairments that last less than three months and are not covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Amendments Act of 2008. However, with timely communication from a treating physician about the nature and length of the condition, we are often able to provide needed accommodations for the duration of the impairment or injury.

Q: Who do I contact to use the parking stalls for people with disabilities?

A: A person with a disability who has a state issued disabled identification card or license plate can park in any designated Madison College disabled parking stall. The identification card must be displayed in plain view (i.e. hang from a rearview mirror). If it is a temporary disabled identification card and will expire prior to the end of the semester, you will be required to purchase a Madison College parking permit at that time. See the Parking Office website.

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