Electrician Program Outcomes

Tech Electrical

  • Installing new wiring and repairing old wiring.
  • Installing receptacles, lighting systems and fixtures.
  • Planning and installing raceway systems.
  • Troubleshooting and repairing electrical systems.
  • Planning and initiating projects.
  • Supervising Journeymen and Apprentices.
  • Establishing temporary power during construction.
  • Establishing power distribution within project.
  • Establishing grounding system.
  • Installing service to buildings and other structures.
  • Providing power and controls to motors, HVAC, and other equipment.
  • Installing fire alarm systems.
  • Installing and repairing traffic signals, outdoor lighting, and outdoor power feeders.
  • Establishing OSHA and customer safety requirements.
  • Installing instrumentation and process control systems, including energy management systems.
  • Erecting and assembling power generation equipment.
  • Installing security systems.
  • Installing, maintaining and repairing lighting protection systems.
  • Installing and repairing telephone and data systems.

Trade Electrical

  • Install conduit of all sizes and various materials
  • Install under floor ducts, cable trays, square ducts, metal molding, ladder racks and pull boxes
  • Plan and install raceway systems
  • Install and connect cubicles, transformers, switchgear, etc., of 600 volts and over, which includes the termination of and/or splicing of high voltage cable
  • Service panels sub 400 panels, fuse panels and transformers
  • Install machinery, set and align motors, which includes kitchen, laundry equipment and aid equipment
  • Install wires, cables, nonmetallic sheathed cable, armored cable, in conduit, trays, duct, racks, wire mold, etc., and fabricating and rigging
  • Assemble and install fixtures, switches, and receptacles. Also electric heating equipment (eg. baseboard heaters, valance heaters, radiant heaters, etc.)
  • Install and wire motor control equipment, relays, thermostats, indicators, tach generators, motions switches, process controls, limit switches, counters, timers, seslyn motors, instruments, electronic speed controls, humidity controls, static controls, and air conditioning equipment
  • Wire specialized systems such as sound systems, CRT and data systems, telephones, fire alarm systems, fiber optics, energy management systems, nurse call systems, closed circuit TV and street and highway lighting
  • Complete OSHA and customer safety requirements
  • Trenching, clean-up, and handling of materials