college email: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad setup instructions

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Apple IOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) device setup instructions - college email accounts

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Settings icon. The settings panel will appear.   
  2. Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars. The mail, contacts, and calendars screen will appear.
  3. Tap Add Account. The Add Account screen will appear.
  4. Tap Microsoft Exchange. The Add Exchange Account screen appears. 
  5. Tap each item and enter the following information:
  6. Tap the Next button. The server settings page will appear   
  7. Tap the Server field:
    • For Office 365 Student webmail - enter:
    • For OWA2010 enter:
  8. At the top, tap the Next button. The Sync page will appear.
  9. Select which items you would like to sync and click the Save button.

For additional instructions for the Apple iPhone, iPod, or iPad see Set Up Microsoft Exchange E-Mail on an Apple iPhone or contact your service provider.


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Did you know? You may be able to add the MC Connect app to your iphone which includes access to Blackboard Mobile, news, libraries mobile resources and more.

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