college email: Android setup instructions

Please read - information and warnings before proceeding.

Android  Device setup instructions - college email accounts

These instructions are written to be as generic as possible since phones can be slightly different.

  1. From the Home screen
    • Tap the All Applications button. Locate the Mail application in the list and tap it. The Mail application will open and the Choose a mail provider screen will appear.
    • Or with some devices, Select Menu, then Settings, then Accounts & Sync, then Add Account.
  2. Tap the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync or Corporate Sync option. The Set up Exchange ActiveSync account page will appear. Warning! In some cases, only one Microsoft Exchange account can be configured per device so adding your student email account may overwrite and erase any existing Exchange server account that you are already using. Android 2.2 devices may be able to support more than one Exchange ActiveSync account.
  3. Tap the Manual setup button. The screen will change to show the manual setup options.
  4. Email address: enter your email address -
    Server address field:
    • For Office 365 Student webmail - enter:
    • For OWA2010 enter: 
    Domain or Domain/Username: This varies depending on your Android version. Generally, try typing your full e-mail address in this box. If Domain and Username are separate text boxes in your version of Android, leave the Domain box empty and type your full e-mail address in the Username box. On some versions of Android, you need to use the domain\username format. Your username is your full e-mail address. (the full email address is required)
    Password field,enter: your password
    Ensure that the This server requires an encrypted SSL connection checkbox is checked.
    Check Accept all SSL certificates (if seen)
  5. Tap the Next button. The Verifying account information screen will appear. 
  6. Please be patient as it may take several minutes to verify your information. After it has finished, the Synchronize data screen will appear.
  7. Select which items you would like to sync by checking or un-checking the appropriate check boxes.
  8. At the bottom, tap the Finish setup button.


You must change your password on the device whenever you change your password.

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Did you know? You may be able to also add the MC Connect app to your Android which includes access to Blackboard Mobile, news, libraries mobile resources and more. 

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