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Calendar Layout

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The Day View is the default view and is displayed when the calendar is opened the first time. On the toolbar, you can select other options, such as Work, Week or Month.

To adjust the calendar options: On the right side of the Outlook Web App toolbar, click the Options button . The Options window will display. You can make changes such as first day of the week, calendar work week, or reminders.

Add or Schedule Appointments

An appointment is an event you add to your individual calendar. Appointments can be a one time event, or scheduled to repeat on a regular basis. For example, you might add your classes for the semester to your personal calendar. 

  • On the folder list, click Calendar. The Calendar folder contents will display.
  • On the toolbar, click the New tool. An Untitled Appointment window will open.
  • In the Subject field, type the appointment name. The subject will eventually display on the calendar.
  • In the Location field, type the optional location. If filled in, the location will also display on the calendar.
  • Select a Start date and time by clicking the down-arrow and then clicking. Select an End time if necessary. If the event is all day, you can click the All day event check box.
  • Options: You can select a Repeat pattern, such as weekly or monthly, by clicking the Repeat button on the toolbar.You can adjust the reminder time or turn off the reminder.
  • On the toolbar, click Save and Close. The appointment will be added to the calendar.

repeat iconHandout - Adding classes or repeating appointments to your calendar (PDF, 173 KB)


Edit or Change Appointments

Double-click the appointment. The appointment details will display. Make adjustments. On the toolbar, click Save and Close.OR On the calendar, drag the appointment to a new time or date.

Delete Appointments

To delete an appointment: Click to select the appointment. The appointment will be shaded.Then either: On the keyboard, press Delete. The appointment will be removed from the calendar. OR On the toolbar, click the Delete tool. The appointment will be removed from the calendar.


A meeting is an event or appointment that includes others. When setting up a meeting, you select a time and subject, just as you did for an appointment, then you select attendees to invite.

To schedule a meeting:

  • On the folder list, click Calendar. The Calendar folder contents will display.
  • On the toolbar, click the New tool down-arrow and select Meeting Request. An Untitled Meeting window will open.
  • Fill in the Subject, Location, Start date and time, and other options. See Add Appointments for more detail.
  • To invite guests, either: In the To or Optional attendees text fields, type the email addresses, separating addresses by a semicolon OR Use the address book or contacts to select the attendees.
  • To check attendees schedule's to determine if they are free to attend your meeting: Click the Scheduling Assistant tab. Availability will be displayed on horizontal bars on a grid. Date and Start and End time for the meeting can be adjusted on the toolbar.If everyone is available, click back to the Appointment tab.
  • On the toolbar, click Send. An email invitation will be sent to all attendees and the meeting will display in their calendars.
  • Invitees will see the meeting reflected on their calendars as tentative. They may accept or decline the invitation from within the email message. Declined meetings disappear from the invitee's calendar.

Print Calendars

You can print calendars in any of the views such as daily, weekly, or monthly. You may also print individual appointments or meetings. To print a calendar view: Select the calendar view to print. On the browsers' toolbar, click the Print Icon.

Tutorial and more information about working with the Calendar from Microsoft


To quickly add your classes or other appointments to your College email calendar:

  1. Go to your Calendar in your college email.
  2. Double click on the white box with today’s day and date in it.  This brings up the Appointment scheduler. 
  3. Click on the Repeat button (circular arrows) and select the times and days of the week that your class takes place.
  4. Set the end date to the last day of your class.
  5. Click OK, then click “Save and Close

You should now see that class in your calendar.  If your classes happen at different times on different days, you’ll need to create an Appointment for each day and set them to repeat.

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