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owa email logoThe college address book or global address list contains the contact information for our students, staff and faculty. When you search for someone in the directory, the title beneath their name will tell you if they are a student or faculty/staff.  This will help you make sure that you are emailing the correct person. Remember, some staff also have student accounts, and student workers may also have staff accounts.

To access the college global address list, either:

  • Click on the address book icon in the top upper right of the email window.


  • Click on To: in a new mail message window.

You can also find employee contact information in the college directory.

You can add contact information for college or non-college addresses to your personal Contacts folder.

To Add a new Contact:

  • On the folder list, click Contacts. The Contacts folder contents will display.
  • On the toolbar, click the New tool. The Untitled Contact window will open.
  • Add contact information. At a minimum, include the contacts name and email address.
  • On the toolbar, click Save and Close. The contact will be added to the Contacts folder.


To add a new Contact from an email:

  • With the email message open, (or from the Reading Pane), right-click the sender's name. The shortcut menu will display.
  • Select Add to Contacts. The New Contact window will open with the Display as and E-mail fields filled in. (Note: If the New Contact window does not open, your web browser may be blocking the pop-up. If so, right-click on the warning to temporarily approve the pop-up.)
  • Make any changes or add contact information.
  • On the toolbar, click Save and Close. The sender will be added to the Contacts.

Sorting Contacts

Once contacts are entered, you can adjust how they are listed and sorted.

To sort contacts:

In the Arrange by field, click the File As down-arrow and select one of the following options: First name, Last name, Company, File as, Department, Flag Due Date, Flag Start Date.

Groups or Distribution Lists

Contacts allows you to create a Group or distribution list so that when you are addressing an email and select a Group contact name, the email will automatically be sent to all members of the list.

To create a group:

  • On the Contacts toolbar, click the New tool down-arrow and select Group. The Untitled Group window will open.
  • In the Group Name field, type the name of the group.
  • To add members:
    • If the individual is already one of your Contacts, in the Members field, begin to type a name.
    • Otherwise, click the Members link. The Address Book window will open. In the Search field, type a portion of the individual's first or last name.Click Search. Any matching names will be listed in the field below. Double-click the name that you wish to add to the Group. The name will be added to the Members field at the base of the window.
  • To add more members, repeat the steps above. The names will be added to the Members list.
  • When you have all the members you need: At the base of the window, click OK. The name/s will be added to the Members list.
  • On the right side of the window, click the Add to Group button.
  • You may also type email addresses directly into the Members field. Separate addresses by a semicolon.
  • On the toolbar, click Save and Close. The new group will be added alphabetically to the Contacts, reflected by a icon that looks like multiple heads.

More information about working with Contacts from Microsoft

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