How do I...? FAQs about college email

When using your college email, to get help in the window you're working in, click the help (?) icon on the toolbar.


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how-to overviews of OWA 2010 and Office 365 Student Webmail


To quickly add your classes or other appointments to your email calendar:

  1. Go to your Calendar in your college email.
  2. Double click on the white box with today’s day and date in it.  This brings up the Appointment scheduler. 
  3. Click on the Repeat button (circular arrows) and select the times and days of the week that your class takes place.
  4. Set the end date to the last day of your class.
  5. Click OK, then click “Save and Close

You should now see that class in your calendar.  If your classes happen at different times on different days, you’ll need to create an Appointment for each day and set them to repeat.

More information about using your calendar

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