Specifications: college email

Why should I use my college email?

  • Official form of college business communications to all students. Instructors and departments (enrollment, financial aid, advising,...) communicate with students using email addresses.
  • Integrated with Blackboard and mymadisoncollege.
  • Supported by our college technology services.
  • Easy to use, web-based, many useful features and tools

How much mailbox space do students have?

What are the browser requirements?

  • You can access your college email from any computer with an internet connection using most web browsers. More information about your access options.

What are the limits for message size?

  • Maximum message size (including attachments) is 25 MB. The message size includes the message body, message header, and any attachments that are contained in the message.
  • However, keep in mind that other non-campus email systems may not be able to receive large attachments. Extended time may be required to add large attachments, especially with slower off-campus internet connections.
  • For security reasons, some file type attachments such as .exe may be automatically blocked by the system.

Are there time-out limits?

  • Yes, time-out limits with inactivity are established to limit the risk associated with computers in public locations on a public network. We suggest that you save your work periodically as a draft so any time-out impact is minimized. Private logins will time-out after approximately 30 minutes. Public logons will time-out after approximately 5 minutes of inactivity.

What happens to my student email after I graduate or discontinue attending Madison Area Technical College? 

  • Any former students who are not currently enrolled at Madison College are considered to be Alumni of the school. They may retain their account, but the space allocated for them may be reduced to 50 MB.
  • Legacy Novell (" student email accounts were made unavailable to all students on April 8, 2011.

How long will my emails be kept in my deleted items and Junk email folder?

  • There may be an automatic delete from the deleted items and junk email folders after about 14 days.

Password Resets

If I am an employee and also a student, do I get two accounts?

  • Yes, you will have an employee account and a student account. The policies, allocations and permissions vary with different categories of accounts. You will have two accounts with two usernames and passwords..

What are the college policies regarding email and computer use?

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