Mobile: college email

You may be able to access your college email, calendar and contacts using a mobile device, iphone or smartphone. Many types of mobile devices that can access the internet will be able to access the college email system and communicate with the college email server.

Our Madison College domain name is and our college email addresses end with

On-campus users: Users must use MC-Secure to receive email to their wireless device. Exchange ActiveSync does not work with MC-Guest wireless access.

Office 365 Student Webmail Migration and Mobile Access

After your student account is migrated, any mobile device will use as the mail server address. If you had previously setup your mobile device for OWA2010, you will need to update the settings. 

Device setup instructions - OWA 2010 and Office 365 college email

Self-Help Resources

Set up your phone to access your college email - Use this handy setup wizard from Microsoft with detailed instructions for specific mobile phones.

Many mobile devices offer applications or apps that support email connections. Generally, to setup your college email, you will need to input your account information including your username and password, and may need to enter specific server information. 


Exchange ActiveSync Account Limitations

Use caution. Keep in mind that many mobile devices can only ActiveSync or connect with one Microsoft Exchange server. Adding your student email account may overwrite and erase any existing Exchange server account that you are already using. For example, it may erase all your contacts or other information. So for any other email accounts already on your mobile device (such as your workplace or another college account), be sure to check and see if they also use an Exchange server before setting up your student email on your mobile device.

Additional Charges and Fees

Be sure to check with your wireless service carrier to ensure you have the appropriate data plan for internet usage. Additional charges from your service provider may apply.

Password Resets

If you set up your mobile device to access your email, keep in mind that whenever you reset your password, you will need also need to reset your password on your mobile device. If you do not, you may be locked out of college services. You may need to contact theTechnology Services Help Desk Phone: (608) 246-6666 (on campus, dial 6666) if this occurs in order to get the lock removed.

Sync Options

Most mobile devices allow you to select which items you would like to sync - email, contacts, calendar, and/or tasks. You will want to consider how much space you have available on your mobile device when making those choices. For example, the college global address list contains thousands of contacts. 

Remote Wipe

By syncing your mobile device to the Exchange ActiveSync server, you will gain the ability to remotely wipe all data from your mobile device.  This is accomplished by going to the “Phone” section of the Outlook Web App options menu and clicking the “Wipe Device” button.  Remote Wipe should only be used in the event that your mobile device is lost or stolen.

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