Account Transition FAQs

Information about student email hosted by Microsoft's Office 365

How do I get started using my student email?

If you have registered for courses, your email account should have been automatically created. You can login and start using the college email system.

What if I get a "Mailbox not found" or other error message when logging in?

  • Make sure you are entering your correct username
  • Student Office365 webmail- add after your username.
  • Faculty and Staff OWA2010- do not add "" after your username.
  • If you are unable to login, reactivate your account. That will fix many issues. It may take up to 1 hour before you can access your college email account.
  • Contact the help desk if you have questions.

Undeliverable messages?

If you do not have an active college email account, any email sent to your email address will be "undeliverable". If you are unable to login, reactivate your account.

What is my college email address?

Your college email address is:

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