For information regarding response and actions to take in the event of an emergency please review the District Emergency Procedure Guide.  To report an emergency call Public Safety at 608-245-2222.

Notification: During a weather emergency the college will utilize the Informacast system that is an audible and text alert on all district phones.  A WolfPack Alert will be sent out to all persons enrolled, the WolfPack Alert automatically updates the Madison College Facebook and Twitter.

Building Evacuations: If evacuation of a building is necessary, an alarm will sound. For their safety, all people must leave the building immediately during an evacuation/fire alarm. Persons should leave the building by the nearest available exit and remain outside until notified that it is safe to re-enter the building. When a building evacuation occurs, do not panic; remain calm and follow all instructions from Madison College Public Safety and emergency personnel.

In case of a fire, when a disabled individual who is unable to use the stairs is present, take the individual to the nearest fire exit stairwell (out of the way of traffic). Then go immediately to the fire department personnel and notify them of the location of the individual. The fire department’s first priority is to rescue all individuals first, prior to fire fighting.

Tornado or Severe Weather Warnings: Students should familiarize themselves with weather emergency procedures and stay away from windows and shelter on the lowest floor. Remain in this area until the “all clear” is given.

General: To be located quickly in the event of a family emergency, students should leave their class schedule and room location (including where they usually are between classes) with roommates, parents, babysitters and their division dean/chairperson’s office.  Madison College cannot release course schedules to family or friends under FERPA laws.