The English Department has a menu of courses as diverse as Madison Area Technical College itself. Courses include College Transfer and Career writing, Literature, Advanced Technical Communications and Creative Writing. The department has also developed a cluster of professional writing courses and certificates. These courses were designed to meet the needs of thousands of program and liberal arts transfer students attending any of Madison Area Technical College's campuses.

This department is flexible as well, offering online, hybrid, and accelerated courses beyond the more "traditional" semester-long experience.

All of these options are just part of the department's mission, which is to make the English classroom -- whatever the course may be -- an accessible and enriching experience for the student on a path toward personal and professional growth. 

Vision: To be distinguished for the quality of instruction.

Mission: To provide a seamless curriculum that meets program and liberal arts transfer students’ needs in writing and literature and to prepare students for further education or to enter the workforce with effective writing, research and critical thinking skills.

Our Department Values:

1. Excellence

  • We set high expectations for ourselves and our students.
  • We continuously assess curriculum and curriculum delivery, as well as teaching and classroom management.
  • We consistently meet or exceed the academic needs of the students, the college, and the community.
  • We continuously improve the learning environment.
  • We continue lifelong personal and professional development.

2. Respect for Students

  • We consider the talents, feelings and contributions of all in interactions and behavior.
  • We practice active listening and collaboration in daily interactions.
  • We base our relationships on the essential dignity of each student.
  • We value diverse cultures, backgrounds, lifestyles and abilities.

3. Integrity

  • We are outstanding in the quality of writing instruction and the delivery of writing support in our Writing Centers (on-line and face-to-face) at all campuses.
  • We promote academic rigor in preparing students to transfer to another institution and/or enter the workforce.
  • We educate our students in the principles of academic honesty and plagiarism avoidance.
  • We are recognized as a viable pre-major destination for all forms of academic and professional writing.
  • We are recognized for the quality of teaching of our full-time and part-time faculty and for equity across faculty groups.