ESL Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What will I do during the Orientation?

A: When you arrive, you will complete an intake form and listen to a brief overview of the orientation process, classes offered and additional services available. You will then take an assessment test to determine your current skills level. After you complete the assessment, you will receive your results and what courses are available to you based on your scores.

Q: Why do I have to take an assessment?  Can’t I just start in Level 1?

A: Madison College currently has 5 levels of ESL classes. This test helps us determine which level best matches your current skill level and places you in the correct class.

Q: What if I speak little or no English?

A: You still need to come to the orientation and take the assessment. Sometimes students underestimate how much English they really understand.

Q: Do I need to know how to use a computer?

A:  No, the test is on paper and Madison College staff will assist you in the creation of your Student Account.

Q: Where are the classes offered?

A: The majority of our ESL classes, levels 1 - 4 and Advanced ESL, are held at the Downtown campus. We also offer some classes at our South Madison campus during the Fall & Spring semesters

Q: When do classes meet?

A: The Majority of our ESL classes are scheduled in the mornings or evenings and meet twice a week, for a total of 6 hours per week.  We do not have classes on the weekend.  Summer classes meet Monday – Thursday, four days per week.