Estimated Expenses for International Students

U.S. federal government visa regulations regarding international students require applicants to demonstrate sufficient proof of financial support prior to the issuance of an I-20 form by Madison College. The I-20 is needed to apply for an F-1 or M-1 visa.

The financial documentation must show the estimated cost of attending Madison College full-time for one academic year as well as the cost of living here independently for 12 months.* By applying for the F-1 or M-1 visa, you are indicating that this amount of annual financial support will be available to you for the duration of your educational program at Madison College.

Cost of Estimated Expenses are based on:

To learn more about estimated expenses for a twelve month period while attending Madison College, applicants must submit Evidence of Financial Support (PDF, 280KB).

What's the difference between the Liberal Arts College Transfer Program and the Associate Degree, Diploma or Certificate Programs? Visit the Available Programs page or view "Liberal Arts College Transfer Programs versus Associate Degree, Diploma and Certificate Programs" (PDF, 18KB).

Acceptable Financial Support Verification includes:

  • Account statement from personal bank account(s)
  • Account statement from sponsor’s bank account(s) and Affidavit of Financial Support letter indicating sponsor’s relationship to the applicant, the amount available to the applicant, and the duration of the sponsorship. Please submit and complete an Affidavit of Financial Support (PDF, 98KB). 
  • Grant, scholarship, and/or loan documentation. A Scholarship Guide is available, although scholarship opportunities for international students are limited.

*Please Note:

  • An “academic year” consists of the Fall and Spring semesters only. If you plan to enroll for the Summer term in addition to the academic year, additional tuition and course supplies funding should be budgeted.
  • “Full-time” means 12 credits taken per semester, which is typically 3-5 classes. Each class may have 1-5 credits depending on the number of hours a class meets each week. If you plan to take more than 12 credits each semester, additional funding should be budgeted.
  • To earn an Associate Degree in only 2 years it is typically necessary to take 16-18 credits each semester. It is common for students to spend more than 2 years here in order to complete an Associate Degree.
  • Taking only 12 credits during the first semester is recommended, especially if you are unfamiliar with attending college in the U.S.