A building evacuation may be initiated for various reasons, including fire, building system malfunction, chemical spill, building security, national disaster, etc.  Building evacuations are initiated by use of either the building fire alarm or public notification system.

  1. When a building evacuation is initiated, the building must be evacuated. It is necessary to exit the building immediately. When exiting the building, use stairwells. DO NOT use the elevators.
  2. Remain outside the building until an "all clear" has been given by Public Safety Personnel.

Evacuation — Become familiar with all emergency exits and routes in your area. Evacuation maps are posted in all classrooms for assistance. When evacuating, proceed outside to a safe distance from the building. Supervisors/ faculty should do a head count of staff/ student to advise emergency personnel of any possible missing persons.

Disabled Individuals — Please provide assistance to disabled individuals in exiting the building. If a disabled individual is unable to manage the stairs, take this individual to the nearest fire exit stairwell. Immediately notify a person of authority either the Fire Department or Public Safety (608)245-2222 as to which stairwell and on what floor the individual is waiting. Emergency phones may be used to notify the Fire Department by calling 9-911.