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Explore Possible 4-year Colleges

Which 4-year colleges offer the major I want?

To find out which majors are offered at the UW-System colleges, check out MajorMania on the UWHelp Web site. For all other colleges across the United States, you will find contact information at or CollegeNet.Com. If you are the adventurous type and want to attend a college outside the U.S., see General Education Online.

Beyond the majors that are offered, you will want to know how each college might suit your needs in terms of location, size, cost, etc. There’s nothing like visiting a college to get a true sense of whether it is a good match for you.  We recommend you use the campus visit guide to ensure you get the most out of your visit. 

In addition, Transfer contracts have been developed to guarantee admission into select four-year institutions, i.e. UW Madison Transfer Contract. Students need to meet with a Madison College transfer advisor to determine eligibility.  For more information and details click here. Signing a contract does not typically obligate you to attend that institution, but if you do decide to apply, it will make the process easier.

Don't automatically discount a college because of cost. Many colleges are able to offer qualified students generous grants and scholarships. Contact each college you are considering for more information.

If you need assistance choosing a college, please contact an advisor at Madison College Academic Advising Services office.