Faculty Toolkit for Student Retention

Students who engage with their college are more likely to succeed and stay enrolled. Engagement comes in many forms both in and out of the classroom. At community colleges, the classroom is where students primarily engage with the college and interaction with faculty is the most critical form of engagement.

For many students, their faculty instructor is the college. The interaction between students and faculty influences student retention perhaps more than any other connection on campus. And as a representative of the college, faculty members can facilitate other important connections on campus for students.

What faculty can do for student retention

General suggestions for classroom management

Connections throughout our campus

Forms and links for Madison College

Faculty advising at Madison College (link coming soon)

Early Alert at Madison College

External resources for student retention and engagement

Six quick things to do right now:

  1. Get to know your student's names and use them in class
  2. Conduct individual, in-person meetings with each student at some point in the semester
  3. Provide feedback early and often
  4. Call students on the telephone if they miss class and utilize the Early Alert system
  5. Participate in faculty advising
  6. Encourage continuing students to register early - play this short video in class 
    Continuing Registration Video