College email FAQ for Staff

Q: Do students use the same email system as staff?

A: Faculty and staff use Outlook Web App 2010. During summer and fall 2013, student accounts were migrated to a cloud system hosted by Microsoft - Office 365. The look and feel of the two college email systems does not differ significantly, and the college global address list is available in both systems.

Q: If I am an employee and also a student, do I get two accounts?

A: Yes, you will have an employee account and a student account. The policies, allocations and permissions vary with different categories of accounts. You will have two accounts with two usernames and passwords. Additional information for Student Workers / Student Help.

Q. Why was a message sent to a student returned as undeliverable?

A. If a student's email account is not active, any email sent to them will be undeliverable.  Students should activate/reactivate their account  from the mymadisoncollege webpage in order to enable their student email account.

Q. What are the college email addresses?

A. College email addresses are: In the college email global address list, you will be able to locate student, faculty and staff contact information. Additional domain change FAQs for staff.

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