FATE - Life Skills

Follow these quick and easy steps to create your Life Skills Account. 

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Request a new account” in the Login box to create your account.
  3. Complete the following information on the “Request Account” page:
    1. Enter your Madison College e-mail address as your username (please double check this as we will use your username to track completion!)
    2. Enter 12345 as your student ID
    3. Enter 00400700 as your school code
    4. Enter 00400700-02 as your Student Access Code
    5. Click “Create Account” in the lower right corner to create your account.

Watch a video tutorial:

Play the video tutorial

Congratulations – you’re ready to get started! A few helpful tips as you navigate the Life Skills modules:

  1. Select “My Catalog” from the left navigation menu or select the “My Catalog” tab at the top of the page. Here you will find all of the modules that are a part of the FATE program.
  2. Click on the name of the lesson you want to complete and click “Enroll” on the right side of the screen. To return to any in-progress lessons, click the name of the lesson under “My Learning” on your Home page.
  3. Click “Next” to advance through the lesson.
  4. Complete the Lesson Challenge quiz at the end of each lesson. You must achieve a 70 percent or higher score to pass the lesson. Once achieved, your score will be recorded on your transcript.
  5. To view a printable transcript of your lesson activity, click “View” from the “My Learning History” section of your homepage. To print your transcript, use your internet browser print option. 

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