Feedback and Evaluations

Evaluation of your Continuing Education class

For general feedback, questions, or concerns about a Continuing Education course that require a personal response, please use our Contact Us form. If you have recently taken a Dane County Continuing Education class and you would like to help us evaluate the instructor and course content and format, please have your 5-digit class number ready and follow the instructions below.


Student opinion of instruction is an important part of course improvement at Madison Area Technical College. Please respond to all questions. Try to evaluate the course and the instruction by averaging your replies to cover all meetings of the class rather than emphasizing a few meetings that may not be typical.
Begin the class evaluation in English.


La opinión del estudiante acerca del curso es una parte importante para el mejoramiento del mismo en Madison Area Technical College. Por favor conteste las siguientes preguntas y trate de evaluar, tanto al curso como al instructor, basándose en el número total de las clases instruidas y no en solo algunas.
Comienza la evaluación de la clase en Espanol.