Admission Application Fee

A domestic student program admission application fee of $30, an international student program admission application fee of $50, or a certificate admission fee of $15 is due at the time an application is submitted. This is non-refundable.

Advance Reservation Fee

An advance reservation fee of $50 is due within 30 days after notification of being offered either a place on a program waiting list or a priority date for petitioning. The receipt of this fee will secure placement on a waiting list or eligibility for the petition process.

The fee will be applied to tuition and fees upon registration into classes. Students who wish to cancel their acceptance into the program may request a refund of the fee if it hasn’t been applied to an outstanding obligation at the college. Students admitted into the program must make the request no later than July 1 for the fall semester or December 5 for the spring semester. There is no deadline for students still on the waitlist.

Graduation Fee

A graduation fee is required of each student who anticipates graduating at the end of the semester regardless of attendance at the graduation ceremony. When students are dropped for academic, medical or other reasons, or withdrawn of their own volitions, this fee is refunded upon request.

Late Registration Fee

New and continuing students in full-time, post-secondary programs who fail to register and pay their fees at the appointed time are charged an additional $20 late registration fee. This late registration fee is not applicable toward any other fees or charges and is nonrefundable.

Students are not permitted to attend classes without being officially registered. Registration after the semester has ended is not permitted. If facing extenuating circumstances, permission to register must be obtained from the executive dean for learning programs.

Nonresident Fee

All out-of-state students and all international students are responsible for paying their own nonresident fee. In all cases, the individual student is responsible for proving his/her residency status.

Non-resident out-of-state tuition is an additional $61.10 per credit for associate degree or technical diploma. College transfer (Liberal Arts Transfer) out-of-state tuition is an additional $82.70 per credit.

In addition, there is a fee for online (internet-based) classes, which is $10 per credit (minimum charge of $10 per classes below one credit).

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Parking Fee

Students who wish to park at Truax or the Commercial Avenue Education Center will be required to obtain and display a Madison College parking permit. The charge for this parking permit are included in the $46.00 commuter services supplemental fee for students enrolled in any degree credit class meeting at a Madison campus. Non-degree and regional students may optionally purchase a parking permit for $25.00 if planning to park at a campus requiring a permit. Parking permits may be ordered through your myMadisonCollege Student Center.

Program & Materials Fees

Program and materials fees are established annually by the Wisconsin Technical College System according to Wisconsin state statutes.

Supplemental Fee

A supplemental fee is charged to all students enrolling in post-high school. This fee supports co-curricular activities and programming, including student newspapers, athletics, performing arts, Student Senate, leadership programs, clubs and associations, the Programs and Activities Council and the Student Life Office, and provides access to the Madison College Fitness Center.  It is not refundable unless the college cancels the course or the student withdraws before classes begin.

An additional commuter services supplemental fee of $46 ($26 for summer session) is charged to all students who take at least one degree credit at a Madison campus to cover Madison Metro bus passes, campus-to-campus shuttle services, and parking permit fees. Students not assessed the commuter services supplemental fee may optionally purchase a parking permit, if required, for $25.00 per academic term and/or purchase a commuter services package at $75.00 per academic term including the access Madison Metro bus pass, Madison College Fitness Center access, campus-to-campus shuttle services, and co-curricular activities.

Academic Achievement Fee

The Academic Achievement Fee is charged at $1.26 per credit for degree classes and includes funding for programs, services and resources that support academic success at all campuses. Fees are used to provide expanded services hours and personnel as well as additional self-service and online resources. The fee is not refundable unless the college cancels the course or the student withdraws before classes begin.

Textbooks & Class Materials

Students purchase their own textbooks and class materials as required. How to find your books at the Madison College Bookstore:

  • Find your subject and course using the last six digits of the eight-digit Catalog Number. This number will lead you to the general area in the bookstore where books for your classes are located.
  • The five-digit Class Number identifies the particular class you are taking. Look for this number to find the book or books for your class.

If you have additional questions, search our knowledge base of frequently asked Tuition/Fees questions available through askMadisonCollege or phone the Enrollment Center at (608) 246-6210.