Financial Aid Award Acceptance (Text Version)

How to Accept/Decline your Financial Aid Awards

  1. Log into your myMadisonCollege Student Center.

  2. Under the Finances heading, click on Accept/Decline Awards and then select the appropriate aid year.

  3. Click on each Award Title to view the award amounts by semester and the information about that type of aid.

  4. Determine the amount of aid that you wish to accept or decline. If offered, Direct Loans and Federal Work Study must be accepted, reduced, or declined. All other types of funds are automatically accepted.

  5. Accept or decline your awards: 

    - To accept or decline your entire Award Offering, you may click Accept All or Decline All.
    - To accept or decline a specific loan or work study amount, check the corresponding checkbox.
    - To accept a portion of an amount, begin by checking the corresponding Accept checkbox. An Accepted Amount box will open, allowing you to reduce the amount you are accepting. Enter a whole dollar amount that is greater than zero and less than or equal to the Offered Amount.
    - Direct loans may consist of Subsidized and Unsubsidized loans. If you wish to receive an Unsubsidized loan you must first accept the full amount of the Subsidized loan.
    - If your awarded amount is for more than one semester, reducing the amount will reduce the amount that you receive for both semesters evenly. If you wish to accept funding for only one semester, email your request from your student email to  

  6. Click the Update Totals button to update the offered amount.
  7. You may click the Clear All button to reset your award back to the original amounts.

  8. Review your changes for accuracy and then click the Submit button. You will receive a confirmation message verifying that your submission went through.

  9. Click Yes to Submit your Accept/Decline.
  10. If you later decide that you need the original amount offered, email your request from your student email to

  11. All students seeking to borrow through the Federal Direct Loan program must complete both an electronic Master Promissory Note (MPN) and online Entrance Counseling (ELC) through the Student Loans website for loans to disburse. Loans will not disburse without completion of these requirements. If your ELC was completed at a prior school, it must be completed for Madison College. If your MPN was previously completed, you may verify this by logging into the Student Loans website.

For information about when your financial aid funds will be disbursed, visit the Disbursement and Refund webpage for complete information.

For questions regarding your Financial Aid Award Acceptance, submit a Financial Aid question via myAnswers or call Madison College Financial Aid Office at (608)246-6170.