Financial Aid Enrollment Status

  • Full-time status = 12 or more credits 
  • Three-quarters time status = 9 - 11 credits 
  • Half-time status = 6 - 8 credits 
  • Less than Half-time status = 1 - 5 credits

Your financial aid award is based on the number of eligible credits you are enrolled in. Most types of aid, including state grants and student loans, require at least half-time status.

If you can answer yes to ALL of the following statements, your class should count towards your Enrollment Status.

  • You were enrolled in the class as of the Date of Record. (Waitlist classes do not count towards enrollment.)
  • You are required to take this class to fulfill outstanding requirements for graduation. (The class must be on the curriculum of your current Madison College program of study or official program waitlist.)
  • You are attempting this class for the first time. (If you have attempted the class before see repeat class policy below.)

Repeat Classes

Financial aid will not pay for you to repeat classes for which you received a final grade of A, AB, B, BC, C, or I.  You can repeat a class once if a final grade of D, F or W was posted or if you dropped the class within the refund period.

Decrease in Enrollment

If you drop, withdraw, never attend, or stop attending a class it can affect your financial aid in one or more ways:

  • If financial aid has already been disbursed, repayment of some or all of the financial aid received may be required.
  • If financial aid has not been disbursed and your enrollment status decreases to Less Than Half Time status, your funding may not disburse or may be delayed.
  • Any final grades of W (withdrawal) will reduce your completion percentage under Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements.

If you completely withdraw, drop, or stop attending all of your currently scheduled classes, visit the Return of Title IV web page for complete information.

Questions? Visit askMadisonCollege to view frequently asked Financial Aid questions, submit a Financial Aid Category question, access the Financial Aid Tutorials for step-by-step instructions on related processes, or contact Madison College Financial Aid at (608) 246-6170.