Finding Employment

Students and alumni searching for part-time or full-time employment may find the resources below helpful.

On and Off Campus Student Jobs

A variety of on and off campus job opportunities, including work study and student help positions, are posted online through Wisconsin TechConnect™.  Please visit the on and off campus student jobs webpage to learn more about the application process.

Program-Related Jobs

Madison College graduates, students within 6 months of graduating, and students enrolled in a program professional development  course can register for a Wisconsin TechConnect account online. Click on "sign me up" on the right side of the page to start the registration process. Wisconsin TechConnect matches you to job openings based on your:

  • program title
  • desired job location
  • chosen job type – full time, part time, internship

You can also post and share your resume with employers through Wisconsin TechConnect.

Additional Employment Services

Employment Success Program (ESP)

Government Summer Internship Programs

Workforce Recruitment Program

WorkSmart Network

Other Online Job Posting Websites