Foreign Language Retroactive Credits

Madison College may award retroactive credit for foreign language studied. You are eligible to earn a maximum of four semesters (16 credits) of retroactive credit if you meet the following conditions:

  • You are enrolled in a second, third, fourth, or fifth level language course.
  • You earned a grade of ‘B’ or better in the course.
  • You are NOT a native speaker of the language.

How to Request Retroactive Language Credit:

Complete and submit the Retroactive Language Credit Request Form (PDF, 787 KB) to:

Enrollment Center
Room A1000
Madison College
1701 Wright Street 
Madison, WI   53704


Fax:  (608) 243-4353 


  • Native speakers of the language may not earn retroactive credit. Madison College considers you a native speaker if you were taught in that language through at least ninth grade.
  • No letter grade is given for retroactive credit.