Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs - 2015 Midyear Graduation

Thursday, December 17, 2015 at 6:30 p.m.

What do graduates have to do?

  • Potential graduates will receive a message in their Message Center in their student center informing them about the graduation process at the beginning of the semester.

  • Grads should check the spelling of their name on the letter. If it is wrong, they should contact the Enrollment Center at Truax or their Regional Campus Administrative Office.

  • If a student thinks they should be graduating and did NOT receive a message, they should speak to their adviser in Academic Advising Services immediately to resolve any discrepancies.

How do I apply for graduation?

  • Students who anticipate graduating need to apply for graduation, as early as when registering for their last semester. (The deadline to apply online for graduation through the student center account is October 1 for a December graduate; March 1st for a May graduate.)

  •  In the Student Center account:

    • Click on the drop down arrow for "Other Academic"
    • Select "Apply for Graduation"
    • Click on the circle with ">>"
    • Find the student's program, which should be underlined and click on it
    • Select the "Expected Graduation Term" from the drop down list
    • Click on the green "Continue" button
    • Click on the green "Submit Application" button
    • Confirmation should appear

If records indicate that a student is fulfilling all requirements by the end of the term they will receive correspondence regarding the next steps toward graduation status, including information on the graduation fee and participating in the graduation ceremony. (Students who miss the deadline to apply and are at 100% completion status will also receive this correspondence). 

How much does it cost?

  • The graduation fee is $20.00. Graduates need to pay the fee at the Payment Center, Room B1219 at the Truax Campus, Room D116 at the Enrollment Center at the DTEC Campus, or go to your Regional Campus Office.

  • Online, out-of-state students, or graduates who are unable to pay in person need to write a check to Madison College, note your student ID number and "Graduation "Fee" on the check, and mail it to 1701 Wright Street, Madison, WI 53704. Please mark "Student Financials" on the envelope.

  • The graduation fee is an administrative fee that all graduates pay regardless of whether they will be attending the ceremony.  This fee covers cost of processing your diploma as well as a graduates cap and gown if attending the ceremony.

  • Student accounts must be paid in full prior to receiving their diploma or transcripts. 

  • Graduates will receive a Graduate Card upon payment. These cards will be available starting Monday, November 16, 2015 and are to be turned in to the Student Life office.

Where do they get their caps and gowns?

  • Students turn in the Graduation Card that was received upon payment of their graduation fee to the Student Life Office, Room C1420 at Truax or D105 at DTEC starting Monday, November 16, 2015 at Truax or DTEC Campus. The student will  immediately obtain a cap, gown, tassel, invitations, and information sheet (if attending) or a diploma cover and tassel (if not attending). If you attend a regional campus, you will turn in your Graduate card and can fill out a robe order form. Your order will then be filled and shipped back to your regional campus for pick up. There is no extra charge to the students for their caps and gowns and are theirs to keep.

  • Online/out-of-state students who are planning to attend the ceremony and are unable to pick up their graduation items in person need to contact the Student Life office at 608-243-4164 or email for further details.

Is there a limit to the number of guests a student can invite?

  • No, students may invite as many guests as they would like. 

When is the Graduation Ceremony?

  • Thursday, December 17, 2015 at 6:30 p.m.

Where is the Ceremony?

  • Madison College Truax Campus in the H. Douglas Redsten Gymnasium, 1701 Wright Street, Madison, WI 53704.

What about parking?

  • Parking is free.

When do graduates need to arrive?

  • Graduates should arrive between 5:15 and 5:30 p.m. and proceed to the cafeteria.

How long will it take?

  • The ceremony will last approximately one (1) hour.

Will pictures be taken?

  • Yes, Empire Photography will be taking photos of all graduates as diplomas are awarded. Empire Photography will contact you with proofs of your professional photos.

  • If you have questions regarding Empire photos please contact them directly at 

  • Pictures may be taken by your guests from the designated photo areas while receiving your diploma or following the ceremony.

Will the ceremony be online?

  • Yes, the college will be broadcasting the ceremony "live" online as well as upon request for 30 days following the ceremony. To view the ceremony online, go to the Madison College web site and click on the link.

In case of inclement weather, how will I know if the ceremony will be cancelled?

  • If the ceremony needs to be cancelled for any reason, a WolfPack Alert will be sent.  Please be sure to sign up for these alerts prior to the ceremony. You can also check the Madison College website for information.