Frequently Asked Questions

What is accommodated testing?

Accommodated testing is a reasonable option for students with documented disabilities.  Testing accommodations should not fundamentally alter the intent of the exam or lower the program standards.  Testing accommodations are provided to ensure examinations do not measure a student's disability but rather create an environment allowing students to appropriately demonstrate their mastery of the material. Every effort will be made to help reduce student anxiety and to allow the student to test as independently as possible.

What types of accommodations can be provided?

Accommodations vary depending on the nature of the student's disability and the student's unique needs.  In order to allow the student to fully participate, accommodations may be made in aspects of test administration.  This may include flexibility in scheduling/timing, adjustments in location or setting, changes in method of presentation and options for how the student responds. 

Presentation Accommodations:

Large print

Fewer items per page

Audio cassette

Text to Speech (Kurzwei Version 12 and 1000)

Live Reader

Colored paper

Use of a highlighter

Sign Language Interpreter

Orally presented instructions

Visual magnification

Auditory amplification

Colored overlays


Electronic Screen Reading Software - JAWS

Special Calculators

Text Enlargers

Question Clarification

Customize answer sheets

Revise test layout/format

Provide approved word bank

Responding Accommodations:


Tape Recorder

Computer (without spell check/grammar/cut & paste features/dictionaries, etc.)

Record answers in test booklet

Large block or large print answer sheet

Scribe - to hand write answers or type them

Voice recognition Software (Dragon)

Tactile boards

Braille device for written responses

Sign Language Interpreter

Verify scranton accuracy

Provide highlighters, straight edge, etc.

Timing/Scheduling Accommodations:

Frequent breaks

Extended time

Multiple days

Specified time of day

Verbal or mechanical timed reminders

Setting Accommodations:

Small group

Private room

Screens to block out distractions

Special lighting

Special acoustics

Special furniture (chair, adjustable desk)

Adaptive tools - splint, large mouse

Alternative test site (proctor present)

Preferential setting

Sound soothers/music

Headphones/ear plugs