Funding for Commuter Services

What is the annual cost for the bust and para-transit contract?

The cost of the 2011-12 program is currently being calculated and will be listed here when dollar amounts are finalized. Costs are based on ridership. In 2012-13, the cost was $1.15 per ride.

What is the annual cost for the campus-to-campus shuttle contract?

The Campus-to-Campus Shuttle Services for 2012-13 cost just under $128,000. This is the cost to run two shuttles each day for 163 days, Fall and Spring Semester combined.

Current funding structure

In 2011, students voted in a 5-day Referendum, to restructure funding for commuter-related services. They elected to bundle commuter services for a flat-fee of $46 per semester in the fall and spring and $26 for the summer. The service bundle includes the following services: Campus-to-Campus Shuttle, Metro-Bus, Para-Transit and Parking. 

History of the Commuter Services Fee

What would students pay to ride buses, shuttles or use para-transit services if there was no program?

Students would need to purchase passes from Metro Transit at a cost of $55 for an unlimited monthly ride pass. At that rate, it would cost a student over $500/academic year (9 mo.) to ride Metro Transit buses. Para-transit students would need to purchase convenience booklets at $600+/semester. Students would pay $2 - $4 per ride.

Funding structure in recent years - August 2009 to August 2012

Students attending public forums, student leaders on the Student Activities Board and Student Senate reasoned that the amount of credits taken by a student does not determine how much he/she will utilize transportation services. Students decided that a flat-fee would be more equitable.

In 2008, students voted to restructure funding for the Bus and Para-Transit Program and they were no longer charged per credit. They were charged a flat-fee of $25/semester ($15/summer). 

Original funding structure - January 2000 to August 2009

In the original funding structure, degree-credit students paid per credit for the bus and para-transit program. There was no Campus-to-Campus Shuttle Program. The chart below provides an example of how much students paid. Full-time students actually paid more for the program in the original funding structure, with the $25 per semester Bus and Para-Transit Program Support Fee or Transportation Fee in effect from August 2009 to August 2012.

Credit          Fee

1              $2.15

5              $9.75

8              $17.20

12                 $25.80

15             $32.25

18             $38.70