General Education

General Education Requirements at your Transfer College

General education requirements are the “core” courses needed to graduate from a college. (They may also be called "breadth" or "degree" or "graduation" requirements, depending on the college). The purpose of these courses is to ensure each student has a well-rounded education. General education requirements typically include courses in English, foreign language, humanities, math, science, and social sciences.

You should research what the general education requirements at your transfer college are, so you know what courses to take at Madison College. Each college has its own set of general education requirements that may vary by major and degree. You can often find courses that fulfill both your general education requirements AND requirements for your major.

To learn about general education requirements for the UW System schools, as well as other colleges in Wisconsin and Minnesota, check or CollegeNet.Com for college catalogs and websites.

If you need assistance finding general education requirements, please contact an advisor at Madison College's Academic Advising office. Advisors at your transfer college are also a good resource.