Grade Point Average

Grade point averages are figured on a 0-4 scale with 4 credit points granted for an A, 3.5 credit points for an AB, 3 credit points for a B, 2.5 credit points for a BC, 2 credit points for a C, 1 credit point for a D and 0 credit points for an F or I. (See chart below.)

When a student repeats (at Madison College) a course previously taken at Madison College, the highest grade received is used to calculate the student’s program and cumulative GPA. The classes that have been repeated and are not utilized in the cumulative GPA are indicated with a note: “Repeated—Excluded from GPA.”

To calculate your GPA, divide the total credit points received for one semester by the number of credits taken that semester. Example: you enrolled for 16 credits this semester and you receive 4 credits of A, 4 credits of B, 4 credits of C and 4 credits of D. Your grade points are (4x4) + (4x3) + (4x2) + (4x1) = 40 total grade points. Your GPA for the semester is 40 divided by 16 = 2.50. To calculate cumulative GPA, divide total grade points received by total number of credits earned.

All students are required to maintain a current and cumulative grade average of 2.0 (C average). If your semester grade average is less than 2.0, it is recommended that you make an appointment with your instructors, and if necessary, an advisor to discuss your academic record. Achieving less than a 2.0 grade average at the end of a semester may result in probationary action according to the Probation, Suspension and Dismissal Policy.

Grade  Points

   A          4

  AB        3.5

   B         3

  BC        2.5

   C         2

   D        1

   F         0

   I          Incomplete

  W        Withdrawal

 AU        Audit


Nondegree Grades/Codes



P-Programs (Basic Skills Education courses)

NG-Not Graded (Community Service courses)