Graduation Requirements

Associate degrees or diplomas are issued to students who complete the prescribed curriculum both in hours of attendance and in terms of achievement, have obtained satisfactory achievement (C or 2.0 grade point average) in their major field subjects, have maintained an overall C or 2.0 grade point average in the program and are recommended by the department instructors and the dean/chairperson of the division.

Twenty-five percent requirement: At least 25% of the credit requirements necessary for obtaining a diploma/degree in any program must be taken at Madison College. In some situations, a higher percentage of core courses are required to be taken in residence. Check with the division office for information.

Graduation requirement: The student must be registered in and satisfactorily complete current coursework during the semester that the student is completing his/her program requirements.

Verify Status: Students should run their advisement report to verify they have completed, are in progress with, or are registered for all course requirements/ To run the advisement report, in the Student Center:

  • Click on "My Academics"
  • Click on "View my advisement report"
  • Make sure everything is satisfied (either by completion with a grade or in progress)

If all courses are satisfied (the report will open up in a collapsed format, showing blue bars) the student is on course to graduate. Click on the "expand all" button to see details. If all courses are satisfied or in progress the student can apply for graduation.

If the report opens with expanded requirements they will also indicate "Not Satisfied". This indicates that according to official records some requirements show as missing. These missing requirements should be easily identified.

If a student believes some missing coursework should show as completed, contact the Center/Program Advising Services to talk to an advisor.

Apply for Graduation: Students who anticipate graduating need to apply for graduation, as early as when registering for their last semester classes. (The deadline to apply online for graduation through the student center account is typically October 15 for a December graduate, March 15 for a May graduate.) This will ensure the inclusion of their name in the printed graduation program. In addition, graduates must pay a graduation fee and complete a graduate card at the Truax campus Welcome Center,  the Enrollment and Information Office at DTEC, or the main office at the regional campuses.

To apply, in the Student Center account:

  • Click on the drop down arrow for "Other Academic"
  • Select "Apply for Graduation"
  • Click on the circle with ">>"
  • Find the student's program, which should be underlined and click on it
  • Select the "Expected Graduation Term" from the drop down list
  • Click on the green "Continue" button
  • Click on the green "Submit Application" button
  • Confirmation should appear

If records indicate that a student is fulfilling all requirements by the end of the term they will receive correspondence regarding the next steps toward graduation status, including information on the graduation fee and participating in the graduation ceremony. (Students who miss the deadline to apply AND are at 100% completion status will also receive this correspondence). 

Associate degrees, diplomas and certificates are mailed six to eight weeks after the semester or summer session ends and graduation is confirmed by the student’s division office. Students who receive incompletes or have other deficiencies on their records are granted their associate degrees, diplomas or certificates at the end of the semester during which all obligations have been satisfied. Students who had terminated their attendance for a semester or more are required to meet the current graduation requirements of the program in which they re-enrolled.

Additional Diploma or Degree
Only one diploma/degree may be awarded at a semester commencement. To obtain an additional diploma/degree, the student must: a) meet all of the requirements of the second diploma/degree; b) meet Madison College graduation requirements; and c) acquire a minimum of 25 percent of the second degree/diploma credit requirements of new, additional credits in residence (for example, if the second program has 64 credits, a minimum of 16 credits must be taken in residency while meeting a) and b) above). Any exceptions to these policies shall be approved in writing by the dean of the division in which the program or second degree/diploma is offered (refer to Advanced Standing and Policy on College Transfer Courses).

Students must apply and be admitted to a certificate in order to be awarded a certificate. At least 50% of the credit requirements necessary for obtaining a certificate must be taken at Madison College. Certificates are mailed six to eight weeks after the semester or summer session ends (either after the course work has been completed, or the term admitted if courses were completed prior to application/admission to the certificate). The certificate credential is not a degree, therefore, students complete a certificate, not graduate from it. Certificates are not included in the commencement ceremony. Students who had terminated their attendance and have been discontinued, are required to re-apply to the certificate, and must meet the current requirements of the certificate.

Graduation Rates/Student Right-to-Know Information
Graduation rates for Madison College are available in the Institutional Research and Effectiveness, 3550 Anderson Street, Madison, WI 53704 or phone (608) 246-6408. These rates are calculated and made available as required by the Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act.

Guaranteed Retraining
Graduates may be eligible for up to six additional credits of free retraining if their employer certifies that they lack certain skills or if the student has been unable to secure employment. Details of retraining available under this policy can be found in the Policy and Procedures Manual located in the office of the executive dean for Learning Programs.

Graduate Feedback
Every year, Madison College surveys recent graduates to find out how they are doing in the labor market and how Madison College helped prepare them for their careers. Please help the college by returning this survey promptly after your graduation. Future graduates will benefit from your willingness to share.