The Grand Entry

The pow wow begins with the Grand Entry.  This is the entry of all the dancers into the arena, and provides the first opportunity to see the variety of dancers, categories and their respective and distinctive

During the Grand Entry, everyone is asked to stand as the Eagle Feather Staffs and Flags are first brought into the arena.  These are usually carried by veterans and are typically followed by tribal elders.  In standing, we offer respect as we remember those who have fought for our country.

The Dancers follow and enter the arena in a specific order:  Men’s Traditional, Men’s Grass, Men’s Fancy, Women’s Traditional, Women’s Jingle, Women’s Fancy.  Teens and children then follow in the same

Following the Grand Entry, a respected member of the community will give an invocation, and a Flag Song and Veteran’s Song will be sung before the flags and staffs are posted at the Emcee’s table.