Grant Student Permissions (Text Version)

When financial aid funds are deposited into your Madison College account, your balance owed to the college (i.e. tuition and fees) is automatically deducted for the current aid year only. If you wish for any financial aid funds to pay for past due tuition, other fees or the Financial Aid Book Charge Process, you must grant student permissions. These permissions only need to be granted once and they will remain on your account record. 

How to Grant Student Permissions

  1. Log into your myMadisonCollege Student Center.
  2. Under the Finances heading, go to the "other financial" dropdown box and select "View Student Permissions."
  3. To grant permissions, select the green "Grant Permissions" button.
  4. Select the permissions you are granting: FA_BKCHARGE* OR TITLE_IV** (you may only select one at a time).
  5. Select "Next" to continue.
  6. Read the Permission Form Agreement carefully, and check the "Yes, I have read the agreement box".
  7. Click Submit to complete the process and grant student permissions.
  8. For assistance with student permissions, contact the Enrollment Center.

*Financial Aid Book Charge Permission (FA_BKCHARGE)
Granting the Financial Aid Book Charge Process Permission authorizes Madison College to use financial aid funds to pay any charges made with the Financial Aid Book Charge Process.

**Title IV Permissions (TITLE_IV)
Granting Title IV Permission authorizes Madison College to apply financial aid funds you receive toward payment of any charges billed by Madison College. In addition, it authorizes Madison College to pay prior year charges of no more than $200 with Title IV funds.

Questions? Visit askMadisonCollege to view frequently asked Financial Aid questions, submit a Financial Aid Category question, access the Financial Aid Tutorials for step-by-step instructions on related processes, or contact Madison College Financial Aid at (608) 246-6170.