Home Directory FAQs

What is my Home Directory or H drive?

  • Your student home directory or H drive is a folder or storage area that is located on the network.
  • When you log on to a computer on campus with your username and password, you are automatically connected to your home directory.
  • You can also access these files remotely when off-campus.  

Changes and Improvements

Fall 2012: The new URL to access FileWay is https://fileway.madisoncollege.edu Storage space - 175 MB.

Fall 2011: Home directories for students were relocated and upgraded. Files were not automatically copied or moved to the new home directories.

How do I access my home directory?

  • When you log on to a campus Windows computer with your username and password, you will be connected to your new home directory.
  • Access your files from off-campus using FileWay, a new and improved system. 


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