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Login to your home directory using FileWay

Your student H drive or Home Directory is simply a folder, or storage area, that is located on a network server.

  • Provides access to your files from basically any computer on campus or off campus.
  • Helps prevent loss of data if the local computer you are working on crashes or has a hard disk fail.
  • Secure - The data does not get erased until you delete it, because it isn't stored on the local computer; it’s on the server. No one but you can gain access to your files.
  • In order to gain access to your Home Directory you must first activate your network account

On-Campus: When you log on to a computer on any Madison Area Technical College campus with your user name and password, you will be automatically connected to your home directory.

Off-Campus: Access your home directory using FileWay.   


Important Changes and Updates

  • Students, Faculty and Staff can access their home directories from off-campus using FileWay. 
  • The URL to access FileWay is https://fileway.madisoncollege.edu/FileWay
  • The domain for FileWay changed on August 8th, 2012 along with the college domain change for fall 2012 semester,
  • New home directories for students were created in August 2011.


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