Health and Fitness Referendum

Health & Fitness Referendum
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WHO: The referendum affects students. Ballots will be sent to student college emails for voting from April 26-30.

WHAT: The Health & Fitness referendum is a vote on whether to continue to allow students access to the health clinic and expand the current Madison College Fitness Centers. Students currently pay the equivalent of $1.51 per credit for acess to the Student Health Clinic and Fitness Centers. The referendum asks if students agree to pay an additional 65 cents in 2014... $2.16 per credit. The per credit fee would increase less than 3% each year, capping at $2.69 per credit in the year 2022-23. View cost comparisons between other local colleges below...

WHEN: The online vote is from April 26-30.

WHERE: The vote takes place online. A link to the official ballot will be provided via email. The Student Health Clinic will be located in the new Health Education building on the Madison College Truax campus. The Madison College Fitness Centers are located at the Truax and Downtown campuses.

WHY: The current student clinic contract ends in July 2014. Referendum passage would allow students to continue to have free access to the clinic and would enhance the services already offered.

The Truax Fitness Center is currently outdated and overcrowded so referendum passage would give students additional updated equipment, more functional space and additional hours to use the facility.  Enhancements would also take place at the Downtown Fitness Center as well.


Powerpoint Presentation [PDF] | Fitness Center Design [PDF]


Below is the cost per-credit of these changes after the referendum compared to other college.

$2.16 - Madison College
$3.56 - UW-Waukesha
$6.76 - University of Wisconsin - Madison
$9.14 - UW-Whitewater



Health Clinic

  • More Hours - Increase in student clinic hours to 40 hrs. a week
  • More Staff - Increase in number of health care providers
  • More Equipment/Services - X-Ray machine, full lab, 24/7 nurse hotline coming soon

Fitness Center

  • New & More Equipment - 2x cardio equipment with TVs
  • Multi-Purpose Room - Classroom for Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Dance, etc.
  • Space Changes - Easier access/safer environment for all abilities
  • More Space & Hours - 70% increase in functional space & expanded hours
  • Enhancements to DTEC Fitness Center


  • No Student Clinic - Current contract ends July 2014
  • Limited Fitness - Limited hours, exercise classes & equipment