Health Forms/Physical Exams

Barber and cosmetology students must pass the physical requirements set by the Wisconsin State Board of Health.

Students in a number of the Health & Safety Education and Human & Protective Services programs may be required to show evidence of a physical examination prior to the beginning of the first semester and complete the Health History Form. Most of the programs require immunity to certain diseases. Applicants must check with the Schools of Health & Safety Education or Human & Protective Services after acceptance into his/her program for the appropriate requirements, forms, and procedures. Under no circumstances are students assigned to the clinical area until this requirement is met.

Specific programs in the Health & Safety Education and Human & Protective Services Centers may also require or recommend that students be immunized against certain diseases, e.g., hepatitis and varicella. Vaccines for hepatitis are available through a contracted agency at the student’s expense. Since the hepatitis immunization series is given over a period of several months, it is recommended that students begin the series no later than August 1st of a given academic year.In the case of accidental exposure, the student is responsible for all costs, e.g., Hepatitis B vaccine, office/emergency room visits and tests. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Due to the inherent risk of exposure to harmful agents and the requirements of some affiliating agencies, all students in the Schools of Health & Safety Education and Human & Protective Services are required to have health insurance coverage prior to their assignments to a clinical facility. The limits of such coverage must be at least as comprehensive as those of the student health insurance available through Madison College. Since individuals in Health, Human and Protective Services are subjected to varying degrees of physical demand and/or mental stress, and all students are expected to perform at a predetermined level of competency to be eligible for graduation, it is recommended that applicants obtain a copy of the Essential Functions from the School office.

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