Home Decorating Certificate

Nondegree Home Decorating Certificate

The non-degree Home Decorating Certificate is ideal for those who are interested in further developing their personal interest in the popular trade of home decorating.  Students will experience decorating fundamentals, gain product knowledge and learn trade communication skills necessary to fulfill home decorating project needs. These courses will acquaint students with the various job duties and skills involved with starting an independent decorating service or for those who want to enhance their personal decorating skills to achieve satisfying results more effectively at home. 

Students successfully completing the certificate will:

  • Identify job opportunities in the home decorating market, and explore the related skills, abilities, and sales techniques that the trade requires.
  • Apply fundamental design principles, historical influences, and decorating styles for the home.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of working relationships with related trades and suppliers.
  • Evaluate residential floor plans for furniture layout and interior finish materials for surface decoration.
  • Assess customer needs to create appropriate functional and aesthetic decorating solutions.

You do not need to pursue the Certificate to take any of these courses and you do not need to formally enter any program to earn this certificate. You will automatically earn the Certificate if you complete these required courses with Satisfactory grades within 3 years.

Elements and Principles of Home Decorating (Schedule and Fees)

A good decorating scheme is made up of a number of elements.  This course covers those decorating principles, such as spatial relationships, which form the basis of a room or home, and then applies pattern, texture and other fun elements of decorating to create a beautiful space.

Home Decorating 1 (Schedule and Fees)

Having a plan is part of any good decorating scheme. In this course students will learn how to accurately measure a space, and then using basic tools, draw a floor plan for a space they are decorating. Understanding floor plans and symbols is also taught along with basic furniture planning and layout tips for the home.

Home Decorating 2 (Schedule and Fees)

Make the dream a reality!  This course covers the basic components of home decoration by discussing the types and quality of furnishings available in the marketplace and discusses fabrics, lighting fixtures, and the many different materials and finishes available to the home decorator.  You will learn about selecting and shopping for these items and how to use them effectively in home staging and decoration.

Color Essentials (Schedule and Fees)

Explore the world of color theory and the psychology of color, while learning about various color systems, color relationships and schemes, and the many properties of color as they apply to home decorating.

Decorating Styles (Schedule and Fees)

Traditional?  Contemporary?  Eclectic? Whether you are looking for your own decorating style or helping a friend with theirs, Decorating Styles will study these and other decorating styles. You will also learn about historical influences on the various furniture styles as well as home accessorizing to complete the look you are searching for your home.


To register, obtain the 5-digit class number from the links above and phone (608) 258-2301. If you have never taken a class here before, you can facilitate enrollment by creating a student account before trying to register.