How to Make an Appointment

Making Writing Center Appointments in Tutor Trac

    1. From the main page, go to A-Z index, go to T, and select Tutor Trac (last listing under T).
    2. Log in with school username and password.
    3. Click Search Availability. (See Figure 1)

4. Select the Center (drop down menu) where you want your appointment (e.g. WC-Truax).

5. Check Day and Time range (days and times are changeable).

6. Click Search for available times.

7. Find available time and day in weekly schedule.

8. Click on desired time slot.


9.  Enter your OneCard number or username

10.  Appointment Info shows day and time you've selected.  Confirm by clicking Save.

11.  An appointment confirmation will be emailed to you.

12.  If you need to cancel your appointment, log in to TutorTrac, and select your appointment time and day.  From the main menu, you will see any upcoming appointment.  Click on the X next to your appointment time and day.  The next screen allows you  to cancel your appointment.  Select Confirm Cancellation and your appointment is now cancelled.  You may also call 243-4289 or stop in during business hours  to cancel your appointment.


Note 1:  If you want to schedule an appointment within 24 hours, call 243-4289 during business hours or stop in the Writing Center you plan to visit.    

Note 2:  Although we encourage students to schedule appointments online, we welcome walk-ins. 

For any questions, please call 243-4289 during business hours or visit our Writing Center locations.

Now you're ready to make an online appointment.