askMadisonCollege (Text Version)

How to Use askMadisonCollege to Find Answers and Ask Questions:

If you are a current Madison College student, access askMadisonCollege by logging in to myMadisonCollege and clicking on the “Go to myAnswers” orange button. This will save you the step of creating a separate log-in for askMadisonCollege. For further instructions, view the myAnswers tutorial.

  1. If you are not a current student, click on askMadisonCollege from the Madison College home page.
  2. Under the "Answers" tab, type in keywords from your question in the box and click the Search button.
  3. A list of questions and answers containing your keywords will appear. Click on a question to read the full answer.
  4. If you do not find the information you need under the "Answers" tab, then click on the "Ask a Question" tab. This tab allows you to submit a question to the appropriate department or area of the college by selecting a "Category" (e.g. Advising or Financial Aid). You will receive an automated message confirming your question was received.
  5. The first time you submit a question via askMadisonCollege you will be prompted to sign up to create an account. Thereafter, you will be required to log in with the unique username and password you created on your account. The College requires password protocols to protect any personal or other confidential information.
  6. A staff member responsible for the area of the college you selected as your "Category" will respond to your question within 24 normal business hours. The response to your question will be posted to "Answer Notifications" under the "Your Account" tab on the askMadisonCollege page.
  7. You will also receive the response to your question via email to the email address you listed on your account. Students should always use their official college student email account to facilitate confidential communications. You may log in at any time to "Your Account" overview and review the history of questions and responses submitted, update or change your settings and view recent answer notifications.