HSED Option 5.06

This Wisconsin High School Completion option is based on the attainment of at least 22 high school credits in specific subject areas.  (4 credits in English, 3 credits Social Studies, including government or civics, 2 credits math, 2 credits science and 0.5 credits in health).  For this option, a combination of high school and post-secondary credits in certain subject areas can be combined to earn a High School Equivalency Diploma (HSED).   If this sounds like something you would qualify for or if you have questions on your eligibility for this option, please contact Jennifer McCann-Bahr, Test Coordinator at the Madison College Commercial Avenue Testing Center. OR call the Testing Center main line at 608-246-5220 to make an appointment with the Test Coordinator to discuss this HSED Option. 

HSED Option 5.06 Requirements:

  • Wisconsin state residency
  • Be 18.5 years or older OR the class entered 9th grade with has graduated.
  • Take a Reading assessment (can be TABE exam at Pre-Test TABE session)
  • Must complete Career Counseling and Employability Skills
  • Must attend a Test Ready session
  • Provide certified, official transcripts from high school/college to be submitted
  • Provide check or money order for $15 for Diploma processing fee