HSED Option 5.07

This Wisconsin High School Completion option is based on the attainment of at least 24 semester credits or 32 quarter post-secondary credits in specific subject areas.  The HSED Option 5.07 candidate must have post -secondary (college) credits in each area where they did not meet high school graduation requirements, except physical education.   Only college level credits will be approved for this option.  If this sounds like something you would qualify for or if you have questions on your eligibility for this option, please contact Jennifer McCann-Bahr, Test Coordinator at the Madison College Commercial Avenue Testing Center.  

jsmccann@madisoncollege.edu OR call the Testing Center main line at 608-246-5220 to make an appointment with the Test Coordinator to discuss this HSED Option.

HSED Option 5.07 Requirements:

  • WI state residency
  • Be 18.5 years or older OR the class entered 9th grade with has graduated.
  • Take a Reading assessment (Can be TABE exam at Pre-Test TABE session)
  • Must complete Career Counseling and Employability Skills
  • Attend a Test Ready session
  • Provide certified, official transcripts from college required for submission
  • Provide check or money order for $15 for Diploma processing fee