HSED Option 5.08

This Wisconsin High School Completion Option is for any student who has completed High School in their home country (outside of the USA) and would like to use this as the high school requirement to enter college or university in the United States or for obtaining employment in the United States.  If this sounds like something you would qualify for or if you have questions on your eligibility for this option, please contact Kevin Foley, Interim Administrative Manager of High School Completion Options in the School of Academic Advancement at kfoley@madisoncollege.edu or call the School of Academic Advancement Main office at 608-258-2440 for an appointment.

HSED Option 5.08 Requirements:

  • Prove Wisconsin state residency
  • Be 18.5 years old OR the class entered 9th grade with has graduated
  • Translate Foreign High school Diploma to English if necessary by an accredited institution
  • Take a test for English competency
  • Scoring at the ESL Level 5 on the TABE class E.  (including reading, grammar, listening)
  • Scoring at the Academic Reading 3/4 and Writing 3/4 on the Regular COMPASS (36+)
  • Take a Civics test or pass the HSED Civics course
  • If the student is a U.S. Citizen, this requirement was met by passing the US Citizenship test and earning US citizenship.
  • If they are not a U.S. Citizen, they can meet this requirement by taking and passing the HSED Civics test or by taking the 30 hour online HSED Civics class.
  • Must complete Career Counseling and Employability Skills
  • Provide check or money order for $15 for Diploma processing fee.